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101-5023500 GT Touring
History:This was the first car with the new "Orsi" chassis (Info from Fabio Collina of Maserati Classiche S.p.A).
The car is lost today.

101-5043500 GT Spider Prototype Vignale
Owner(s):Ivan Ruiz, USA
Paint Color:White

101-5123500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-512
Owner(s):Dieter Joa, Germany
Simon Richens, UK
Jim Doiminik, USA
Josef Klingler, USA
Paint Color:Red

I've got the following story from Simon: I purchased it from the US in 2003 its number 101512 it was originally ordered in Italy by an Italian business man who died before taking delivery of it then sat in the factory before being first registered in italy in 1961 before delivery the factory upgraded the brakes to discs. Its now in perfect condition as the day it left the factory. It was restored at the cost of over $120K in the states in the early nineties, it has done just show mileage since.

July 2008. The car has been sold through Bonham's aucions to a new unknown owner.

September 2008 Offered for sale at E. Thiesen Berlin GmbH Berlin. Sold in october 2010.

101-5163500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-516
Touring No:5925
Owner(s):Thomas Sassenbach, Germany
Paint Color:Dark blue
Interior:Light grey

101-5223500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-522
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6728
Paint Color:Blue/grey (probably Grigio Nembo)

Aug 2013: For sale at Luzzago

101-5243500 GT Touring
Dealer:Direct factory sale from Officine Alfieri Maserati to customer
Paint new:Bianco Neve (white)
Interior new:Blue Connolly
Engine No:101-524
Owner(s):Ed Quinnell, USA
Dr. Arnaldo Cadini, Italy (First Owner)
History:2017-07: For sale at Classic Driver: Ordered from Officine Alfieri Maserati on June 2, 1959 and delivered new on July 21, 1959 as a direct sale to customer Dr. Arnaldo Cadini of Prato, Italy. Finished in Bianco Neve (white) over Blue Connolly leather with Borrani Disc wheels. It later made its way to Seattle, Washington, in the thoughtful care of Mr. Quinnell for 30 years.
Presented in its original unrestored form, is a truly exceptional preservation.
Maserati S.p.A. of Modena confirms with original Certificate of Origin that all chassis, engine and body numbers are matching as it left the factory.
Additionally, all Maserati Classiche parchment records accompany this car, including: Internal factory Order, Historical Information Sheet, Technical Data Sheet, Technical & Aesthetic Characteristics, End of Line Data Sheet and Delivery Note.
101-524 retains all original trim, lenses, glass, plaques, emblems, upholstery – both, cabin and luggage compartment, floor pans, undercoating, sheetmetal, equipment and believed to retain most of its original factory applied paint. Thanks to the considerate 30 years of stewardship from Mr. Quinnell and previous caretakers, this 3500 was kept pure, unrestored and today would make a formative candidate for competitive preservation display at significant concours events across the globe. After years of recent garage slumber, the 3500 predictably starts right up with ease, however, its braking system has begun to drag and will require attention during a necessary servicing and inspection prior to public road use. Complete with matching spare tire assembly and jack.
Note from the Registry admin: The tail lights don't seem to be original.

101-5303500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-530
Touring No:6732
Owner(s):Martin Klemm, Germany
Mark Fletcher, USA
Paint Color:Light blue
History:2020-07-10: New owner Martin Klemm in Germany.
2018-01-19: For sale at Gooding & Company - The Scottsdale Auctions.
2014-02: For sale at ebay. The description reads: "This 1959 Maserati 3500GT has been owned by my brother and I for the past 36 years. When we purchased the car, the engine had recently been rebuilt (according to the previous owner), but the transmission need 2nd gear replaced. The previous owner also told us that the car had optional "alpine gears". My brother removed the transmission and was unable to locate 2nd gear. The car sat in his CA garage for the next 30 years. 5 years ago, I had the car towed to my garage and I began a sympathetic restoration of the car.
This is a very rare early Touring bodied 3500GT with front disc brakes/rear drums, 4-speed transmission, and Weber carbs. The records that I have of previous ownership indicates the car spent it's life in CA. It never had any significant rust or body damage. Brian Moore (of Brian Moore Restorations) painted the car to a very high standard in the original color. The dashboard was so well preserved that we left it alone to show the factory original color. The car retains it's original undercoating, which I cleaned and treated with Por-15. I rebuilt the suspension and brake system. I upgraded the original exhaust system to a stainless steel Quicksilver system. I replaced the original shocks with Koni adjustable shocks. The trunk also retains it's unique original quilted vinyl material. The transmission was completely rebuilt with a NOS second gear, new bearings and synchros, and it was sent to the ZF factory in Germany for final assembly and dyno testing.
The interior of the car was restored using Mercedes Stone leather and Wilton wool carpet. I had cocoa mats fabricated in black with light blue accents to protect the fresh carpet. I had both the original steering wheel assembly and shift knob rebuilt to look like new. I located a period correct Autovox radio on Ebay Italy to replace the 8 track player that was previously installed. I had a aluminum face plate fabricated to duplicate the plastic original. The radio is installed, but not functional. I will include the necessary parts. I installed "Dynomat" type sound barrier throughout the interior and in the exhaust & transmission tunnels. The headliner was replaced in the same color as original. I also had the original period correct seat belts rebuilt with new black webbing.
The fuel system is rebuilt, including the original Webers. I have the original fuel pumps, but used a modern pump to make the car dependable (the originals are included). The cooling system was upgraded by the previous owner with a custom radiator that is twice the thickness of the original. I left it on the car and will include the original radiator. The original owner's manual and spare parts manual are included. I do not have the original tool kit or jack. The tires are new. The engine electric system is also rebuilt or replaced with original parts. The engine compartment is detailed with all new hoses, finishes, wires, and decals to look as close to factory original as possible. I also replaced all fresh air hoses and the heat blanket on the back of the hood. All brightwork on the car has been replated or polished. All rubber gaskets and seals are new.
I have only driven the car about 10 miles since the restoration. Prior to completing the car, I showed it in the Serrano Concours and it placed second in class.".
2008-11-03: The restoration of the car is documented from day one on Ferrari Chat.

101-5383500 GT Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigio Nembo (Savidin 4710)
Interior new:Neutra (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Touring No:6736
Owner(s):Guus de Winter, NL
Wout Koch, NL
Lewis Hay,
Larquetoux, France (First Owner)

Thepenier records have Grigio Scuro as body and Rosso as interior color.

(April 2006) This car is currently under restoration and got his new coat of paint in early 2012.

101-5423500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-642 (no typo!)
Owner(s):Robert Klein, Germany
Gentleman from Munich, known by next owner, Germany
Ray Embry, USA
History:2016-09: Please note: 101-542 was mistakenly registered as 101-1770 because the owner in Germany thought his car was 101-1770. This error has been corrected!
2016: Robert Klein buys engine 101-642 to make 101-542 more complete because he is planning to restore the car.
1992/1993: When Robert Klein wants to buy the drivable 3500 GTI in Munich, 101-542 is still stored outside and grown in between trees accompanied by a Mercedes 190SL. He returns with a chain saw and buys both Maserati's in one deal. With his new owner, until 2016, the car remains stored outside, still as a 'parts car' for the GTI (although no parts were ever needed).
19xx: A German gentleman in Munich (München, Germany) buys 2 3500 GT's in USA. One is a drivable GTI, the other is 101-542 and is 'for spare parts' and stored outside.

101-5483500 GT Touring
Owner(s):unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Red
History:Added july 2007.

101-5523500 GT Touring STOLEN IN 1997 IN MELBOURNE
Engine No:101-552
Owner(s):Dik Jarman, Australia
Dan Curtis Latourelle, USA
Paint Color:Midnight Blue, with red oxide primed trunk/boot
History:Stolen from Melbourne Australia in May 1997! If you have any information, please e-mail owner Dik Jarman.

2020-08: Dik Jarman writes me with new information: "Attached are the photos of the car from 1990s. Apologies for lack of quality, they were what were sent to me from the US when I bought the car through Special Interest Autos and they said they were purchasing it from a "Dale" who had bought it five years previously.
The 1971 US ownership certificate said it belonged to a Dan Curtis Latourelle. On that it says the engine or id number was 101552 and first sold in 1962. The date of issue of this was 1971 and I presumed it had been garaged since then.
The import document says chassis number was 101552 and was issued 21st November 1996.
I have a note that I wrote when reporting it stolen that the engine number and chassis was the same but I don't recall how I knew that.".
2015-2016: Owner Dik Jarman from Australia writes to me: "My car was definitely that chassis number but I cannot confirm absolutely that it was that engine number but I was told and was under the understanding that they were the same. The engine was deemed the original engine when bought and I seem to recall the advertisement as numbers matching. It was dark midnight blue with solid wheels, nardi steering wheel, red primer on boot and some minor nose damage. Overall it was in poor condition with the blue silver leather on the seats perished and torn. Was it sold complete with the engine as some might have thought that was all that was worth saving?
I bought it as a car for restoration. It was bought via an international car magazine from a chap in California where it had been it's whole life. With primer on the boot it could well have had rear damage that was repaired.
I still have not returned to Australia where the photos are stored so cannot yet give you more information. I shall contact the importing company to see if they have more information.
The car was imported into Australia as a non runner in the early 90's and was only with me for less than six months when it was stolen by a crew with a tow truck.
They had the gall to ask neighbours to move their cars to be able to get it out convincing them I had sold it."
2008-04: An engine offered for sale in Germany, written in mail as being #552 (so no picture of this #552). According to the pictures of the engine, it is a later style engine (e.g. no external oil pump) so this engine has INTERNAL number 552 (which makes it definitely NOT the stolen engine 101-552!). This engine is in this registry added as Unknown 216.
1997-05: STOLEN IN MELBOURNE: "Stolen from Melbourne Australia May 1997: 1961 Maserati 3500 GT Series 1 LHD fitted with Cal plates UAK283, Engine No, AM101-552, Colour: Midnight Blue, with red oxide primed trunk/boot, blue interior. Large Reward if found!."
If you have any information, please e-mail owner Dik Jarman.

101-5543500 GT Touring
Paint new:Metallic grey
Interior new:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:6744
Paint Color:Red
History:2017-01: For sale at Jacobs Automobile Aachen, Germany.
2016-06: For sale at Volkswagen Zentrum Aachen, Germany.
2016-02: For sale at The Gallery, Brummen, The Netherlands.

101-5583500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Christian Plesner, Norway
Paint Color:Silver
History:2014: Car in restoration at Linnartz & Peschl
May 2012 For sale at anamera by his owner.

Story from owner. This racing car has undergone a total body off restoration.
The chassis has been rebuild and strengthened to obtain maximum stiffness.
All mechanics have been rebuilt. Carburettor version.
4 speed ZF gearbox just rebuilt with all new bearings and synchros.
New aluminium lightweight radiator. Oil accumulator fitted to ensure oil pressure in curves.
Double set original aluminium wheels.
The car is street legal. Very suitable both for track and open road driving.
FIA papers for class E.

101-5603500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
Interior:Light brown
History:2018-10: Shown at Padova.

101-5623500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Nigel Shannon, UK
Kurt Nielsen, Denmark
John Dusi, USA
Paint Color:Bronze with white roof
History:2019-01-26: Sold at Anglia Car Auction, being part of 18 vehicles from a Danish based private collection.
It is described as: "All cars in the collection are projects, requiring various degrees of restoration, with most being purchased in the USA in the late 1980’s- early 1990’s.
The 3500 GT was purchased by the Danish vendor from the USA during the early 1990's. Brief overview of condition: Largely complete and quite solid but fitted with a V8 Corvette engine of indeterminate vintage. It comes with copy American title and import documentation. A Heritage certificate, or similar, is being applied for. UK registration will be required.".
Further information on owners:
1994: Kurt Nielsen, Denmark
1977: John Dusi, USA

101-5643500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy

101-5663500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Alexander Bruehl, Germany
Alfred Wohlmann, Austria
Unknown, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Silver
History:2022-06: Alexander Bruehl sends me some new pictures, it looks like he enjoys to drive the car (even if it rains a little). I hope he will continue to do so!
2009-03: For sale at VSOC and sold in April.
2005-08: For sale.

101-5723500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Superleggera Classic cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Paint Color:Bianco Polo Park with blue roof
History:2016-10: Being restored in Portugal, Superleggera Classic cars, Matthias Hinz.

101-5823500 GT Touring
Touring No:6758
Options:Wire Wheels
Owner(s):Hans Schweizer jr, Switzerland
Hans Schweizer sr, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bianco Polo Park
History:This is the first 3500 delivered to Switzerland and is still in the same family since 1959 when the car was bought.

101-5843500 GT Touring
Touring No:6759
Owner(s):Merak Blaha, CZ
Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Red
History:For sale in Switzerland december 2007.

101-5863500 GT Touring
Year:July 1959
Dealer:Martinello & Sonvico
Paint new:Blue
Interior new:Pelle Rosso
Carpet new:Blue
Engine No:101-586
Options:Lengthened steering column, lowered seats, special camshafts and disc brakes
Owner(s):Steve Roberts, UK
France, France
Paint Color:Blue
Interior:Pelle Rosso
History:17 april 2009. Sold to new owner in the UK.

101-5903500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-590
Owner(s):Sig. Gustavo Perico of Villa D’Atta, Italy? (First Owner)
History:2018-09: For sale on In the text it reads: "Chassis 101-590 was supplied new in September 1959 to Sig. Gustavo Perico of Villa D’Atta through the dealer Vendita Diretta – of course equipped with the new disc brake option. In recent years, and while in the ownership of very famous Italian family, the car was beautifully restored, ensuring that the body and chassis were in beautiful condition while also renovating the interior, and rebuilding the fast-road engine. It has also been sympathetically prepared for race and rally use and would be a perfect car for the Tour Auto and Modena Cento Ore. The car is also fully matching numbers and has been thoroughly checked and fully authenticated by Maserati Classiche.".

101-5923500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Italy
Ted Verbraeken, The Netherlands
Joop Stolze, The Netherlands
Michel Verhaeghe, Belgium
Paint Color:Red
History:2014-06: Sold to new (Italian) owner.
2014-03: For sale at Joop Stolze.
1998-02-10: Import from Switzerland by Michel Verhaeghe (together with car 101-1486).

101-5943500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):A. Hertzberger, The Netherlands
R. van Campen, The Netherlands
G. van Campen, The Netherlands (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:This car was imported in the Netherlands when new. It's the first 3500 GT Touring imported in the Netherlands. It could be was imported by S.Maasland, the Dutch Maserati distributor and used for the Dutch type approval.

101-6003500 GT Touring
Year:27 october 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Bianco
Owner(s):Gadala, France (First Owner)
History:This was a car on display on a motorshow in 1959.
Thepenier had an accident with the car before the show on 12 october 1959.
It was in France on a temporary licence.

101-6023500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Bruun van Leeuwen, NL

101-6043500 GT Touring
Dealer:Maasland, The Netherlands
Paint new:Ivory
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-604
Touring No:6768
Owner(s):Cristiano Luzzago, Italy
Paolo, Italy
Helsdingen, The Netherlands
J. V. Bertholee, The Netherlands
Unknown, The Netherlands (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso Cordoba metallizzato (106R7, Rubino Red Metallic)
Interior:Bianco Neutro (PAC1544)
History:2019-12: For sale at Cristiano Luzzago (It).
2018-10: Present on meeting of International Touring Superleggera register.
2016-10: For sale at Cristiano Luzzago (It).
2014-10: For sale at Cristiano Luzzago (It).
2014-07: Restoration nearly finished.
2007-02: For sale on E-bay in Italy.
2006-08: For sale by owner and sold the same month.

101-6063500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-606
Owner(s):Raoul Gutbrod, Germany
Micheal Boertien, NL
Alain Gaunoux, USA
Paint Color:Gold metallic
History:For sale at eBay in Februari 2008. Needs work. Remains unsold. Same month for sale at AutoMusoa da Maya, Portugal.

101-6083500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Year:27 october 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Engine No:101-608
Owner(s):Museo Panini (engine only), Italy
Mignard, France (First Owner)
History:Engine only at display at Panini museum.

101-6103500 GT Touring
Touring No:6772
Owner(s):Carlos Gonzalez, Chile

101-6143500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Creighton Turner, USA

101-6163500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-616
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6777
Owner(s):The Classic Road, Spain
Timo Mannisto, Finland
Jon Molin, Finland
Paint Color:Gold brown metallic

101-616 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

March 2008. This car is under restoration.

October 2013: For sale at Classic Road, Madrid

101-6203500 GT Touring
Owner(s):unknown, Sweden
Paint Color:Red

101-6223500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Sweden
Paint Color:Blue

101-6243500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Flemington (Max Meyer code 16.376)
Interior new:Pello Marrone (Connolly code PAC.1386)
Ricardo Carver,
Roland Levy,
Signor Antonio Farina, Italy (First Owner)
History:Fate of car unknown, although Ermano Cozza was consulted for the car's history in 2003 .

101-6283500 GT Touring
History:May 2009 Fate of the car unknown. Engine now with 101-628.

101-6303500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-630
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Greg Dyson, UK
Roland Lefebvre, France
Paolo Biaggi, Italy
Paint Color:Red
History:2015-12: For sale in UK on eBay.
2013-10: Engine 101-630 is reunited with the car!!
2007-01: Offered for sale on eBay. Missing engine, gearbox and many chrome. It has US documents.

101-6323500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Rafael Moreno, USA

101-6383500 GT Touring
Paint new:Nero (Max Meyer code 12.380)
Interior new:Nero (Connolly code PAC.1560)
Engine No:101-638
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Thomas Wörtmann, Germany
Paint Color:Blue (was red)
History:2016-08: Restoration finished in blue.
2015-07: Original engine 101-638 has rejoined the car!
2015-02: Car is in restoration and is expected back on the road in the summer of 2015.

101-6403500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Mark Mitchell, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:For sale august 1990, Classic & Sportscar, needs total restoration ($27.000).

101-6423500 GT Touring
Engine No:N/A (engine 101-642 is with car 101-542)
Owner(s):Sachsen Veteran Dresden, Germany
Diego Stanchieri, Classic Car Excellence, Italy
Robert Klein (engine only), Germany
Robert Gaspar (engine only), Italy
History:Note from admin: this car has an early Columbo chassis, which was only used for VINs up to 101-456! Maserati Classiche has confirmed this chassis was NOT original for 101-642!

2017-01: For sale at Sachsen Veteran Dresden, Germany.
2016-11: Car shows up in Italy (without engine, the engine is in Germany since earlier this same year). The owner of the car states he bought the car from the same owner as who sold the engine earlier to Robert Gaspar. Car has a modified front (from a GTI) but rest is GT. Owner is Classic Car Excellence, Roma.
2016: Engine is sold to Germany to make 101-542 (no typo!) more complete.
2015-11: Engine is for sale in Italy. The seller writes in an e-mail: 'One interesting detail is that soon it will be available ( I'm in negotiation ) a 3500 GT chassis with the same number, *101*642* which will make a matching number project'.

101-6463500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:White

101-6483500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-040
Owner(s):Strada e Corsa, The Netherlands
Horia Popescu, Romania
Joop Stolze, The Netherlands
Fred Butts,
Paint Color:Black
Interior:White / beige
History:2016-09: For sale at Strada e Corsa, the Netherlands.
2014-03: Sold at RM auctions. Car is no longer light blue metalic but black. Old black interior is replaced by a newer white/beige interior.
2007/2008: Restored by owner.
2007-12: Picture seen at
2007-10: Sold by Joop Stolze. No engine and gearbox in the car.

101-6503500 GT Touring
Year:1959 (7 december)
Dealer:Franco Cornacchia (Italy)
Paint new:Bianco
Engine No:101-2144
Touring No:6792
Owner(s):Christian Feldhofer, Austria
Franz Wittner, Austria
Lawyer (name unknown), USA
Mr Giovan Battista Meneghini, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:The first owner of this car in 1959 was Giovanni Battista Meneghini who was married to Maria Callas at the time.

2015-end: Sold to new owner in Austria, Christian Feldhofer, who would like to find the original engine. If you have any information, mail Christian Feldhofer directly.
2015-04: For sale at Former keeper was a lawyer in San Francisco and it was taken off the road since the early 70's. The engine was changed in the early 60's for a later 3500 engine (101-2144).

101-6543500 GT Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia, Milano
Paint new:Blue
Interior new:White
Owner(s):Henrik Andersin, Finland
Mikael Airas, Finland
History:Added februari 2007. Henrik Andersin has send me the following information: The car was first registered to a dealer in Milan in december 1959.It was finished in blue exterior and white interior. It was exported to California at an unknown date and bought to Finland in 1988. At that time the car was gray metallic with a black interior. The car has the Finnish register number NMV-25. Mr Mikael Airas of Siuntio, Finland bought the car in 1990. He sold the car to me in June 2006. The car is in pieces and is being built back to its former glory. I expect the car to be ready to drive in 2010.

101-6583500 GT Touring
Touring No:6804
Paint Color:White
History:Recent (2004) barnfind together with Maserati Mexico and Ferrari 250 GTE.

101-6623500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-662
Options:Wire wheels
Unknown, Belgium (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark Grey
History:Imported from Belgium to UK (1975). Semidismantled for 19 years, and sold for restoration (1994). Restoration took place in 1996. Auctioned at Brooks 20 Jun 1997. Auctioned at Brooks Goodwood, 23 June 2000. The following text is from Bonhams Monaco Auction May 2007: Supplied new in Belgium, this early 3500GT was acquired by the vendor in 2000 having undergone extensive restoration during the mid-1990s (invoices available). While in the vendor

101-6643500 GT Touring
Year:30 november 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Naturel
Options:Disk brakes and self locking differential
Owner(s):Roussel, France (First Owner)

101-6663500 GT Bertone
Owner(s):Hawaii, USA
Francis Mandarano, USA
Paint Color:Silver
History:This is the one off Bertone 3500 GT prototype build in 1959. The car was shown at the Turin motor show that same year.The car is currently in Hawaii in a private collection sharing space with some other Italian classics.

101-6683500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Timothy Hassenger, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Februari 2007. This car was purchased by Tim in an insurance auction in the US (an insurance company paid a claim and as a result owned the car and sold it at auction). The car's history is unknown, but it had been converted to a Buick engine, with an GM automatic transmission. While the body was essentially sound, the frame was completely unusable. The car was decommissioned by Tim, the body was removed, stripped to metal and prepared for long term storage in the event that he needed a spare body in the future.

101-6723500 GT Touring
Year:December 1959
Dealer:Allinger Motors USA
Engine No:101-672
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Jeff Weissman, USA
Greg Caltabiano , USA
Ed Evangelista, USA
Frank G. Manderano, USA
Richard W. Fleming, USA
Paint Color:Light blue

101-6763500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Michael E. Gilbert,, USA

101-6783500 GT Spider Vignale
Engine No:101-678
History:Chassis number allocated to Vignale Spider.
2014-08: At RM Auction.

101-6803500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Karl Minge, Norway
Leroy Braden, USA

101-6823500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Nigel Shannon, UK
Unknown, South Africa
History:2019-10: Sold without engine and gearbox, advertising reads: "Body and parts only, solid chassis, will need floors etc. No engine or gearbox but complete with most trim parts.".
2018: Imported from South Africa to UK.

101-6863500 GT Touring
Year:November 1959
Dealer:Mexico City agent Automotriz O’Farrill
Paint new:Bianco Neve (SAVIDIN 4507)
Interior new:Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1543)
Engine No:101-686
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6806
Owner(s):Leo B. Peschl, Germany
Frank G. Mandarano, founder of MIE, California USA
Unknown, Texas USA
Ing. Roberto Sarquis G., Mexico
Adolfo López Mateos, President of Mexico from 1958 to 1964, may have been first owner, Mexico (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bianco Neve (SAVIDIN 4507)
Interior:Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1543)
History:2017-08: Car is for sale at Peschl, Germany: Car came to Germany in 2015. History is known since 1966 in detail. Very authentic vehicle, interior is original, no rust, good condition and ready to drive.
2011-12-16: Frank G. Mandarano buys the car: When he later in 2013 offers the car for sale, he writes: "During the months of Jan through April 2011 and Nov. through April of 2013 the car underwent a fully documented, mechanical reassembly with hundreds of photos. The work was performed in Palm Desert which included pulling the head and crank, new rear brakes cylinders, up front new caliper pistons and seals were installed, as well as a rebuilt brake booster. The clutch hydraulics were replaced including new pedal bellows rubber. New clutch master and brake master cylinders were installed. The gas tank was removed cleaned and reinstalled and fitted with new fuel lines. The freshly rebuilt radiator was installed along with all new water hoses, water pump and oem clamps. The original 4 speed transmission - which was in pieces - was air freighted to Modena Italy for rebuild by a ZF transmission expert and reinstalled with a new driveline. The differential received a new seal and gasket, the Webers were rebuilt together with new precisely fitted oversize throttle shafts. A new distributor cap and rotor was installed together with a new water pump and scavenger oil pump. Many details were attended to, as well as a high quality electric fan actuated by an on off switch under the dash over heating will never again be a problem. In Jan 2013 new correct wool carpets were trimmed and installed together with original cloth binding imported from the UK. Each carpet piece was carefully trimmed to match the original. The original carpets were saved and will be included with the car. 4 new Pirelli 185 VR Cinturatos were mounted and balanced. Included are factory documents from May and June 1968 and Aug 1969 further proving the correct history of ownership. Note the rear window sticker from 1991 matches the license plate. This would have been the last time the car was licensed for the road, 22 years ago."
2001 (around): New owner in Texas, who bought it from the widow of Roberto Sarquis and had the car over 10 years, according to Frank Mandarano in 2011: "Repainted about 10 years ago (Peschl later states "at 47.961 km"). My friend had the car for over 10 years. The car was sent to Houston for repairs to the transmission and an overheating problem (head gasket). From there the engine was removed and a complete rebuild was performed by a very well known Maserati specialist."
1972: No longer driven.
1966: Second owner Roberto Sarquis, who was the CEO of a very large company.
1959-12: Delivered new to Mexican Maserati dealer Automotriz O’Farill in Mexico City. It may have been owned by Adolfo López Mateos, President of Mexico.

101-6883500 GT Touring
Owner(s):David C. Shope Jr., USA

101-6923500 GT Touring
Touring No:6810
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Blue
History:2014-06: Offer for sale at Classicdriver

101-7003500 GT Touring
Owner(s):J.F. Urfer, Switzerland
History:Added april 2006.

101-7043500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Jay Cox,

101-7063500 GT Touring
Year:14 februari 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Bianco
Owner(s):Lamouroux, France (First Owner)
History:The car arrived (late) at Thepenier together with 101-718 by train.

101-7083500 GT Touring
Year:November 1959
Paint new:Grigio Nembo (Savidin 4710)
Interior new:Neutra (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Touring No:6823
Owner(s):Frank G. Manderano, USA
Stanley W. Good , USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Nembo (Savidin 4710)
Interior:Neutra (Connolly code PAC.1544)

Februari 2011. Information provided by Frank G. Manderano.

One family owned car since may of 1962. A true time capsule. Totally original.

The car was Purchased by SF Businessman Mitchel L. Mitchell on April 20 1962 from Mary E. Portalupi
the wife of a San Francisco doctor by the name of Henry C Portalupi, MD. Mary E. Portalupi had
recently acquired the car in a divorce settlement with Henry C Portalupi, MD.

However According to Fabio Colina at Maserati SpA on Nov 19 2010 the car was sold new to
Mr. Stanley W. Good Jr in California.So we are missing some history here about the first owner.

Mitchel L. purchased the car with 3500 miles on the odometer.
During the time Mitchel L. owned the car it was always garaged.
Mr. Mitchel L. Mitchell, passed away in April 1987.

On December 24th 1987 the title to the car was passed to his now 70 year old daughter Gladyne K. Mitchell.
The car sat in the garage until 1987 (10 years) when it was put into storage for 13 years.

Then in Sept 2010 Tony Mitchell the grandson of Mitchel L. Mitchell and son of Holbrook T Mitchel
(Mitchel L Mitchell son) took the car out of the storage and got it running in order to sell.
Tony said he had driven the car to the Concorso Italiano when the show was at Quail.

On Oct 29, 2010 Gladyne K. Mitchell sold it through Gull Wing Motor Cars a NY broker to Francis G. Mandarano.
Upon Googling Mrs. Gladyne K. Mitchell, Mandarano discovered she is a San Francisco socialite who still owns
her fathers home which can only be described as a Renaissance Palace built in 1927 on the gold coast hilltop
in San Francisco.

You can follow the car on MChat

101-7143500 GT Touring
Owner(s):, Switzerland
History:Januari 2006. This car is located in Switzerland. It's joined by 101-1316 and 101-1832.

101-7163500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Graham Proffitt, UK
Jeff Driffield, UK
John Lauder, USA
Larry Ruben, USA
Paint Color:Grey
History:Added april 2006. November 2006. Picture from Larry Ruben

101-7183500 GT Touring
Year:15 januari 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bronze Metallic
Owner(s):Dupuis, France (First Owner)

101-7223500 GT Touring
Owner(s):George Kopscick, USA
Paint Color:Dark Blue

Added april 2006.

101-722 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

September 2012. Offered for sale by Evans Automotive, Ohio USA.

101-7263500 GT Touring
Year:10 februari 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Maronne
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Hans Joachim Salm, Germany
de Rebatel, (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
History:March 2014: Body has new colour black.
December 2013: Bodywork is finished, car is at the paintshop now.

101-7283500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Grey
History:For sale at Lukas Huhni from first owner (2005). The car is restored by Carrozeria Campana. The car was sold at the Essen Motorshow in April 2006.

101-7383500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-738
Engine (I):Known
History:2014-06: Engine only, for sale on Unknown whereabouts of the car.

101-7403500 GT RHD Touring
Engine No:101-740
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
History:This was No 56 in the unknown list
201603 - Auctioned at Bonhams. This car has been with the same owner since 1965.

101-7423500 GT Touring
Dealer:Rolf Haider, Stockholm, Sweden
Paint new:Grigio Albany (grey)
Interior new:Sand (text in 2020 says 'sand' but also 'retains its original interior' which would mean red?)
Engine No:101-742
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12145 (probably not correct)
Owner(s):Unknown, Sweden
Mr. J, Malmö, Sweden
Mr. P, Lund, Sweden
Rolf Haider, Stockholm, Sweden (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany (grey)
History:2020-02: Retromobile Paris: For sale by ArtCurial. The text reads: "The car left the factory on 14 January 1960. Delivered to Turin in "Grigio Albany" a metallic grey paint along with a sand (?) interior, it was imported to Sweden by Swedish car importer Rolf Haider who registered the car in his company's name in Stockholm on 1 April 1970. The second owner was a Mr P. in the town of Lund. He retained it until September 1973 when Mr J. in Malmö bought it. The latter subsequently sold it to its latest Swedish owner.
When he purchased this Maserati 3500 GT, it needed to be fully restored. Being a collector with a lot of cars to restore, it him took more or less 20 years to get this done. During the last 10 years the car has been through a conservative restoration retaining many parts which could be re-used and the car still shows some patina. The engine was fully restored by a Swedish specialist around 2007 and the car has recently been re-painted in its original silvergrey and the car runs well. The car retains its original beautiful interior as well.".
2007: Engine overhaul.
1960-04-01: First registration in Sweden.
1960-01-14: Car rolls out of factory.

101-7503500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Year:1959 or 1960
Engine No:101-750
Engine (I):Known
History:2015-03: Offered for sale in UK.
Fate of car is unknown, probably scrapped.

101-7523500 GT Touring
History:Fate of the car unknown. Plate with chassisnumber was offered for sale. Probably broken up for parts.

101-7543500 GT RHD Touring
Engine No:101-754
Owner(s):Peter Brownsell, UK
Hunt Ethridge, USA
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:2014-09: Auctioned at Bonhams Goodwood

101-7563500 GT Touring
Year:8 may 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Owner(s):Rousseau, France (First Owner)

101-7583500 GT Touring
Engine No:1965 Ford 289 engine. Engine 101-758 is fitted in car 101-040.
Touring No:6843
Owner(s):Matthias Volk, Germany
Volker B. Streicek, USA
Paint Color:Silver

101-7603500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Edward Tise,, USA

101-7623500 GT Touring
Year:15 januari 1960
Dealer:2014-05: Sold at Coys for 249.400,-
Delivered to mr. Kunstle at the factory with EE registration.
Paint new:Bianco Polo Park (Max Meyer code 10.319)
Interior new:Pelle Naturale
Carpet new:Kaki
Engine No:101-762
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6844
Options:Self locking differential and Autovox radio with electrical antenna.
Bernhard Fleischhacker , Austria
Antonio Trevesi, Italy
Ernest Condor, USA
Jean Pierre Kunstle, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:White

101-762 was later sold to Mr. Ernest Condor of Los Angeles, where the car was registered by 1984 to 1987. In 2006 the Maserati was found in Beverly Hills in a garage. In early 2007 the car was brought back to Italy an owned by Signore Antonio Trevesi. In late 2007, Signore Trevesi sold the car to Bernhard Fleischhacker in Austria.

By 2011, the Maserati 3500 GT has been restored in all areas from the ground up and mixed into the original state by Bernhard Fleischhacker.

101-7643500 GT Touring
Paint new:Ivory (Max Meyer code 12.063)
Interior new:Pelle Marrone
Touring No:6845
Owner(s):Herbi Allemann, Switzerland
Unknown, Austria
History:Januari 2006. This car is in Austria and needs restoration. It's for sale. June 2007. The car is sold and under restoraion by it's new owner.

101-7683500 GT Touring
Paint new:Black
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-768
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
History:The car seems to have been badly crashed on both front and rear side. The rear was repaired with a Fiat 124 Coupé rear end. The front was creatively recreated.

2014-09: Car is for sale

101-7703500 GT Touring
Touring No:6850
Owner(s):Unknown owner in Palermo, Italy
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016-11: Offered for sale in Palermo, Italy.

101-7723500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Hans Joachim Salm , Germany
Stephane Sanoussi, France
History:2007-11: Offered for sale at eBay, missing most parts. Now in Germany

101-7823500 GT Touring
History:101-782 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.
Not known if the car still exists.

101-7923500 GT Touring
Carpet new:Kaki
Unknown owner in San Marino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2013-09: For sale at Thiessen in Germany.
1960: 101-792 was first delivered to San Marino, Italy (according to Thiesssen).

101-7963500 GT RHD Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, GB
Paint Color:Red

101-7983500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Hans Joachim Salm, Germany
History:Frontframe with axle and steering, rearaxle, engine with gearbox etc.
The rest was scrappped in the 70s.

101-8003500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
History:Engine came up for sale in december 2010. Not sold.
Fate of the car is unknown.

101-8023500 GT Touring
Paint new:grigio metallizzato
Touring No:6864
Owner(s):Brett DeChaine, USA
George Luhrs, USA
Paint Color:Gold metallic
History:2017-08: For sale from current owner Brett DeChaine (phone 001-401 965 8080).

101-8043500 GT Touring
Year:29 march 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Blu Cobalt
Interior new:Grigrio
Options:Lengthened steering column with 10cm
Owner(s):Mr.R.Boulinquez , France
Mr.J. Bertrand, France
Mr.Yves Ledan, France
Ets Pilotaz, (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red

101-8063500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Oswaldo Borges, Brazil
Mike Sciretta, USA
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:2007-06: Got in contact with the new owner, Oswaldo Borges, who bought the car on eBay. Restoration will start soon.
2007-02: Offered for sale on eBay.

101-8083500 GT Touring
Paint new:Red
Touring No:6858
Owner(s):Unknown, Canada
Unknown, UK
H. Kidston, UK (First Owner)
History:2014: Unknown whereabouts of this car.
1960: The car was collected at the factory by mr H Kidston.

101-8183500 GT Touring
Year:25 march 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Blue
Interior new:Bianco
Options:Lengthened steering column with 3cm
Owner(s):Guicher, France (First Owner)

101-8283500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Steven A. Melnikoff, USA

101-8303500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Larry Ruben, USA
Giacomo Soderini, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Originally delivered to Los Angeles, California owner. Present owner Larry Ruben has owned it for over 20 years.

101-8323500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Mr M. Declerq , France
Mr. S.Traversi, France
Mr. C.Traversi , France
Paint Color:Grey

101-8343500 GT Touring
Paint new:Dark Blue
Interior new:Red
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016-10: Seen at Oldtimer Nitsche Workshop for restoration.
2009-04: For sale at The Gallery in Holland. The car has a damaged front and non running engine. It has a gearbox. Has many parts except for grille.

101-8383500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Rein Vosari,

101-8403500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Chase family, USA (First Owner)
History:Purchased new by the Chase family in New York (Chase Manhattan Bank)

101-8463500 GT Touring
Year:10 april 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Naturel
Options:Painted wire wheels
Owner(s):de Cazalet, France (First Owner)

101-8483500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6883
Owner(s):Gullwing, USA
Steve Barber, USA
Larry Ruben, USA
William Zehring, USA
Thomas W. Bunch, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2017-10: Still for sale at Gulwing ($189.500)
2017-01: Still for sale at Gulwing ($165.000)
2015-10: Car is for sale at Gullwing, USA: The engine is correct but is not matching numbers (sourced from a Vignale Spyder). It runs and drives excellent. The car was originally purchased in NY and was then found outside of a tavern in Minnesota. It was then restored by a doctor of the Mayo Clinic before it was sold to it's previous owner. The previous owner had owned the car since 2005.
2010-10-20: Engine 101-848 for sale on eBay by Healywerks.

101-8503500 GT Touring
Touring No:6884
Owner(s):Ulrich Renger, Germany
Dr. Maierhofer, Germany
Dr.Giuseppe Renda, Italy (First Owner)
History:2016-10: Seen at Oldtimer Nitsche Workshop for restoration.

101-8523500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Paint new:Grigio Montebello
Interior new:Red leather
Engine No:101-852
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Paul (engine only), USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
History:2017-03: Engine for sale on eBay.
2015-04: Engine only, came with purchase of car 101-2052. Unknown whereabouts of the car.

101-8543500 GT RHD Touring
Touring No:6905
Owner(s):Cliff Clifton, UK
Ron Francis, UK
Paint Color:Black
History:2019-03: Ron Francis told me he owned the car in 1978 when I visited him and he showed me the Vehicle Registration Document from 1978. The color stated in the document is grey and the license was 7 CLP, like on much newer pictures. The first registration was on October 6 1961.

101-8563500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Tom Hampton (engine only), USA
John F. Bookout, USA
John R. Kessler, USA
Mark Mitchell, USA
Paint Color:Silver
History:2008-10: Engine is in the Netherlands with a different owner than the rolling chassis.
2002 or 2003: 101-856 (as a rolling chassis without mechanicals) was traded for 101-2116 (also without engine and gearbox) from John R. Kessler to John F. Bookout for its trim pieces, badges and other miscellaneous parts to complete various 3500 projects of John F. Bookout.

101-8603500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:2011-11: For sale at GTC in France.
2011-08: Sold at auction.

101-8663500 GT Touring
Year:5 may 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:101-1088
Owner(s):Known, Goch, Germany
Unknown, Münich, Germany
Fischel, UK (First Owner)
History:2017-07: Car is in restoration with this German owner, engine 101-1088 is with it and overhauled.
Around 2000: New owner in Germany.
1971: New owner in Münich, Germany.
1960: Exported to London, UK, by Thepenier as a new car.

101-8703500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-870
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Marcos Rodriguez Teijeira (car and engine), Spain
Alex Gouras (engine only), USA
Daniel J. Rapley (engine only), USA
History:2020-01: Marcos Rodriguez Teijeira mails me he owns the car and he also bought the engine in the USA, so it is matching numbers now. He started restoration and is still searching for some missing parts.
2017-08: Block and oil pan are offered separately on eBay from USA.
2016-09: Engine only.

101-8743500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-874
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:2008-07: The car is under restoration at Sports and Classics GmbH in Germany.

101-8783500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-878
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Keith Duly (engine only), USA
History:2017-10: For sale in USA on Enrico's Maserati Pages: "Complete overhaul including new pistons, liners, valves, guides, bearings, etc. Carburetors overhauled and flow tested. Dyno tested February 2017 on completion. Only needs generator."
2017: According to trusted contact the engine is for sale in USA: Fully rebuilt, (this year), dyno tested and complete ready for installation except for a generator.

101-8803500 GT Touring
Year:25 april 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Blue
Owner(s):Fildier, France (First Owner)

101-8843500 GT Touring
Paint new:Bianco Polo
Interior new:Rosso interior
Engine No:101-884
Options:The sunroof is probably a Carrozzeria Touring modification
Original AutoVox automatic tune radio and electric antenna
Limited Slip rear differential
Owner(s):Known, USA
Bertala, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:2002-08: For sale C&S, California car Webers 30k miles sunroof ($21.500).

101-8863500 GT Touring
Year:1960-04-22, first registered in US in 1961
Touring No:6910
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):T. de Cillia, Austria
Michael Buchele, Austria
John Veitch, USA
Larry Foster,
Giacomo Soderini, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-11: For sale at Classic Driver from same owner.
2016-07: For sale on from private person in Austria: Restored about 5 years ago, ran only 5.000 km since, condition 2, no work needed, directly usable, Austrian papers, Blaupunkt radio from that era, Ansa sport exhaust, very original, runs perfectly. The white spot is a sticker.
2003-08: Michael Buchele reimported the car from San Francisco (bought from John Veitch) to Austria. After a general technical overhaul, spending new electrical parts, rebuilding breaks, new tires and seals, the car got the Austrian registation plates. Later the engine was totally rebuild. The car is fitted with ZF 4 speed gear box, front disc and rear drumbreaks. Borrani whire wheels including spare wheels. Now the car is in a very good condition an FIVA registered.
2002 (ca.): Mileage 75000.
1996 (around): Chrome restored.
1991 (around): Interior color black restored.
1980's (late): Sold to California.
1970's: Owned by several Canadian collectors.

101-8943500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Joop Stolze, NL
Paint Color:Red

101-9003500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Owner(s):Jacques Pozzo di Borgo (engine only), USA
History:This car has been scrapped.

2015-05: Engine for sale at ebay.

101-9023500 GT RHD Touring
Dealer:the official Maserati concessionaire for the United Kingdom, Colin Murray of Fleetwood in Lancashire
Paint new:Grigio (grey)
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-902
Touring No:6917
Owner(s):Unknown, GB
Unknown, GB
Mr Miles Kitchen, GB
Mr Pope, GB
Mr Bolinbroke, GB
Mr Rinald Whitehead, GB (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio (grey) with a ruby red roof
Interior:Red piped in Grigio
History:2018-11-10+11: For sale at Silverstone Auctions: NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2018.
2017-11: Again for sale at DD Classics.
2015-09-07: For sale at RM Sothby's London 2015.
2015-06: For sale at DD Classics on Sold to its 5th owner.
199x (mid 1990s, according to RM Sothby's): Fourth owner Mr Miles Kitchen, of Altringham, Cheshire, and he kept it until 1997.
1979 (according to DD Classics): Fourth owner in the UK.
196./197. (according to DD Classics: Third owner with a short period abroad.
1986 (according to RM Sothby's): Third owner Mr Pope, of Warickshire, purchased the car at Nottingham-based auction house Walker, Walton & Hanson. He had the 3500 GT restored at Corley Motors (USA), and invoices on file suggest that the car was fully restored, which included having the engine rebuilt.
1968 (according to DD Classics) or 1962 (according to RM Sotheby's): Second owner Mr. Bolinbroke.
1960: First owner Mr. Rinald Whitehead in Lancashire.

101-9043500 GT RHD Touring
Engine No:101-904
Touring No:8636
Owner(s):Keith Hudson, UK
Unknown (over 25 years), UK
Captain H. Gledhill of the parachute regiment of Browning's Barracks in Aldershot, UK
History:2018-10-17: New owner is Keith Hudson.
2018-10-17: For sale at H&H Duxford Motor Car Auction. The text reads: "1 of just 40 righthand drive examples the car dates from 1961 and is finished in Red matched to a Cream hide interior. Evidence shows it is a matching numbers car with the original engine. It is being offered in 'garage find' condition, as it hasn't ventured onto the road for around 20 years. Back in the '70s documentation shows it belonged to a Captain H. Gledhill of the parachute regiment of Browning's Barracks in Aldershot. The vendor informs us the carpets currently fitted were for a visit by the Queen to the airbase and was previously owned by a prominent Maserati owners club member. It was reportedly treated to a £3,955 engine overhaul in 1991 and then changed hands for £14,000 the following year. The current owner had the carburettors overhauled for road use. It has remained in the same family for over 25 years and is equipped with disc front brakes and it is believed the Maserati has the later five-speed gearbox. The total indicated mileage is a credible 46,677, it is complete with its original green log book, large collection of invoices and old MOTs dating back as far as 1972.".
1992: New owner for 25 years.
1991: Engine overhaul.
1970's: It belonged to a Captain H. Gledhill of the parachute regiment of Browning's Barracks in Aldershot.

101-9063500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Michael Zak, USA
History:101-906 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

101-9123500 GT Touring
Year:21 june 1960?
Paint new:White
Interior new:Black
Options:One headrest for the co-driver
History:Note: This car was probably incorrectly registered on this website as '3500 GT Spider Touring', so an even chassisnumber allocated to 3500 GT Vignale Spider.

2020-06-20: Thanks to Gunnar Rohde: "It was new white with black Interior. It was special made for an aristocratic family in Sicily with the specialty that it had only one headrest for the co-driver, as the owner was driven around. It is for sure not a Vignale Spider.
The current owner lives in Milano.
I have pictures of this car, but as I do not own it… I cannot deliver them. Maybe the owner wants to stay anonymous.".

101-9163500 GT Touring
Paint new:Smalto Grigio
Touring No:8626
Owner(s):Frank Manderano, USA
Mark Fishaut, USA
Paint Color:Silver

101-9223500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Daniele Pini, Italy

101-9243500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1700 (with car), 101-924 (with other owner)
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Peter Paul du Buisson (engine only), Netherlands
Mohamed El Khnati, GT Classics (car only), Belgium
Eric Brumenil, AMR S.P.R.L. (engine only), Belgium
Dag Kjeldsberg, Norway
Paint Color:White
History:2021-06-11: Engine is sold at Noble Auctions (Interclassics Maastricht) to new Dutch owner.
2017-09: Mohamed El Khnati (GT Classics) contacts me, car 101-924 is his since several years. He has bought engine 101-1700 for it in Switzerland and is now planning to restore the car.
2017-06: The engine shows up in Belgium: Eric Brumenil (AMR S.P.R.L.) contacts me that the engine is his since about 3 years. It is mainly complete but will need a complete overhaul. The engine is for sale.
Earlier: Owner of car in Norway.

101-9303500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-930
Diana Murray, USA
Stan Baker,
John Ratto, USA
Enrico Bernabei, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2016-08-20: Sold at Pebble Beach, Gooding and Company auction, for $258.500.
2011: Sold at Pebble Beach, Gooding and Company auction, for $148.500.
1985-07: Offered for sale by John Ratto as "Cosmetically perfect, excellent mechanical condition and regular show winner after a patient and correct restoration to a fine original car. Never wrecked or abused, 40.000 original miles. Stripped to bare metal and repainted in white acrylic lacquer.".

101-9323500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-932
Touring No:8635
Owner(s):Bo-Goran Christians, Sweden
Paint Color:Silver
History:2007-02: This car is in Sweden sinds 1969 and will be back on the road spring 2008.

101-9343500 GT Touring
Paint new:White (Bianco)
Interior new:Medium blue
Engine No:101-934
Touring No:8634
Owner(s):Unknown, USA (San Francisco area of California)
Alfredo Colombo, first Italy, later USA (San Francisco area of California) (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:2016-08: For sale at eBay for client, Santa Barbara, California:
Maserati 3500GT lost in storage for many years and now available as a complete car with full documentation from Maserati SpA. Last registered 1997, engine matches build sheet and the car has had two previous owners and was imported by the first owner a Navy Pilot from Italy back in the 1960s and has lived in San Francisco area of California.
This is a complete car and was running when parked but that was back in the mid 90s. The front seats have been poorly recovered in vinyl. Carpets have been changed as well.
It does not run as of this point but turns over, fuel pumps work, and all lights works. The carb floats are stuck and the car floods as it turns over and has good oil pressure as it cranks. Mileage shown is 113,000 KM.

101-9383500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1015
Owner(s):Gil MacKenzie, USA
Paint Color:Red (probably white when new)
History:2007-02: Gil bought 101-938 in 1999 in Austin Texas. It will be restored as soon as possible. Looks like it was originally white. Not much of the history is known, but Gil was told it came from California and was used in the make of the TV movie Wheels with Rock Hudson.

101-9403500 GT RHD Touring
Dealer:Colin Murray Ltd of Fleetwood Lancashire, UK
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Graham Proffitt, UK
Paint Color:Blue
History:2006-11: RHD 3500 GT.

101-9423500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.201)
Interior new:Pelle Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:8639
Owner(s):Raoul Gutbrod, Germany
Carla Maria Romano, Italy
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
History:2008-03: Sold on and now being restored in Germany for new owner.

101-9483500 GT Touring
Year:28 june 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Owner(s):Rossignol, (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:2019-06: Roland Lefebvre writes me: "The car is in Bretagne, the owner died and his wife is selling all his cars. I bought 101-380. There is no advertisement on any site or newspaper. If anybody interested, please tell me.
The car is in good condition, matching numbers, white interior, five speeds gearbox.".

101-9503500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Black

101-9523500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grey
Owner(s):Unknown, GB
Marius Kubis, Poland
Unknown, USA (VA)
Paint Color:Red
History:2014-07: Spotted at Silverstone meeting
2010-07: For sale at eBay, restored and red interior replaced by 'cognac' colour
2005-05: Offered for sale on E-bay, car might use restoration. Although the car is red, the dashboard indicates that grey might have been the original colour

101-9543500 GT RHD Touring
Dealer:Colin Murray of Fleetwood in Lancashire
Paint new:Red
Interior new:Black
Engine No:101-954
Owner(s):Unknown, owner since 1964!, UK
Colin Murray (the official Maserati concessionaire for the United Kingdom then), UK (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-09-07: For sale at RM Sotheby's: 220 bhp, 3,485 cc DOHC inline six-cylinder engine with triple 42DCOE6 Weber carburettors, four-speed manual transmission, coil-spring independent front suspension, live rear axle with coil springs and radius arms, and front wheel disc brakes. • Offered from single ownership for over 50 years.
• One of only 40 right-hand-drive 3500 GT and GTi models produced.
• Matching-numbers example.
• Believed original paint and trim.
• Recent mechanical work done by Bill McGrath Maserati, including an engine rebuild.
According to factory records, this 3500 GT Touring coupé, chassis number 954, was produced on 14 July 1960 and delivered to the official Maserati concessionaire for the United Kingdom, Colin Murray of Fleetwood in Lancashire. By 1964, it had made its way down to London, which is where the current owner, age 26, spotted it for sale with a dealer on Edgware Road. Immediately taken by the idea of owning a Maserati, the current owner bought it and started an ownership which remains unbroken up to today. During the late ’60s, this Maserati was driven everywhere and used for family holidays. With a third child on the way in 1971, the decision was taken to put it into storage. It remained carefully stored for the next 17 years until 1988, when it was taken out of hibernation.
Since then, it has been actively driven and maintained with a considerable amount of mechanical work being carried out by respected Maserati specialist Bill McGrath. The most extensive part of this work was carried out in 2009, when the matching-numbers engine was treated to a full rebuild along with other mechanical work, including a new clutch and fuel pumps. A front suspension rebuild with new ball joints was completed in 2012. Only 1,438 miles have been covered since, and the current odometer reading is 61,214 miles.
Cosmetically, this 3500 GT is presented in highly original order, with the paint believed to be original, although both the paint and interior could benefit from some attention.
It should be noted that the original radio accompanies this 3500 GT, along with the original owner’s manual, as well as invoices and photographs from Bill McGrath’s work completed in 2009.

101-9583500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Maryleigh Wilson, USA

101-9623500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-962
Touring No:8661
Owner(s):Known, Czech republic
Ivan Dutton, GB(?)
Amarjit Singh Sehmi., GB(?)
Garboli S.p.A., Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2015-09: To be autioned at Bonhams Goodwood

101-9703500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-970
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Son of previous owner, Belgium
Known, Netherlands
Paint Color:Grigio Inglewood
History:2020: Car is at Bagnole (Echt, Holland) for futher detailing and optimizations.
2019: Restoration finished.
2016-10: Car is in meantime sold to the son in Belgium and being restorated in Holland.
2016-05: New Dutch owner contacted Marc Florie.

101-9723500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Pastorelli Classics, Netherlands
Oleg Cassini (fashion designer), Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bare metal
History:2015-09: For sale at Pastorelli Classics.

101-9803500 GT Touring
Dealer:Maserati dealership in Vicenza
Paint new:Black
Engine No:101-980
Touring No:8658
Owner(s):Unknown, Unknown
Anna-Lisa collection, France
5 more Italian owners, Italy
Myron Akerman (American living in Italy), Italy
Caroli Sergio, Italy
Valentino Malucelli, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2021-12-12: Sold for 105.784 Euro at the auction 'Aguttes, La vente d'automne'. In the text was written: "The car shown was ordered on the 3rd of March 1960 and delivered on the 20th of July 1960 to the Maserati dealership in Vicenza, to be sold to Valentino Malucelli. This 3500 GT then became the property of Caroli Sergio in June 1965. Then, on the 30th of November 1975, it was sold to Myron Akerman, an American living in Italy. It will then know five successive Italian owners before joining the Anna-Lisa collection.
The car, whose odometer shows 86 166 km, was probably delivered new in black. Its current red color suits it very well, and it will be up to the future owner to choose between leaving this iconic and racy GT in its beautiful original condition, or undertaking a restoration in its original configuration.".

101-9823500 GT Touring
Paint new:Dark blue
Engine No:101-1486 (car 101-1486 has engine 101-982)
Owner(s):Marc Florie (car only), Netherlands
Dieter Leismann (engine only), Germany
Joop Stolze (engine only), The Netherlands
Friend of Luc Peeters (engine only), Belgium
Martin Dijkhof (car only), Netherlands
Luc Peeters, Belgium
Maserati dealer Fr. Staumont, Brussels, Belgium
Paul Willems, Belgium (First Owner)
History:2018-11-19: Marc Florie buys engine 101-1486 because he hopes both cars can be reunited with their original engine.
2012-11-23: Martin Dijkhof sells the car to Marc Florie, Netherlands. The car is missing many small parts and the front with both wings, but the structure is very solid. The body still has its first paint only. Nowadays nearly all missing parts are added to the car who is stored as a future restoration project.
2008-on: Engine (in car 101-1486) is sold to Dieter Leismann in Germany who has the engine (and car 101-1486) restorated.
2008-03: Engine is mounted in 101-1486, for sale at Joop Stolze, Netherlands.
19xx: Luc Peeters sold the engine to a friend in Oostende who the sold the engine to Joop Stolze.
1995-1996: Luc Peeters sold the car to Martin Dijkhof, Netherlands.
1991: Luc Peeters acquired the car and engine when he bought a large stock of parts from dealer Staumont.
19xx: Car was stored at dealer Staumont in Belgium, Brussels. Partly dismantled as parts were used for other cars.
1960-07-11: First used in Belgium by Paul Willems. The original Belgium papers still only contain this first owner and the car was never registered elsewhere!!

101-9903500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Peter Lauer, Germany
Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Red
History:2011-05: For sale in Italy at and sold to Germany.

101-9923500 GT Touring
Touring No:8665
Owner(s):Daniele Pini, Italy
Paint Color:Grey
History:Car has a modified tail from a GTI, maybe crashed sometimes?

2012: Car is auctioned in Paris at Bonham's.
2004: Auctioned at auction of sports, competition and collector motor cars Coys/Barrett Jackson, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

101-9943500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-994
History:2019: Engine is in car 101-1392. Unknown what happened to car 101-994.

101-9963500 GT Touring
Year:30 july 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Hublot, France (First Owner)

101-9983500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Herb Young, USA
Alan Cordan, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2014-10: For sale at Carriage House Motor Cars.